Our Favorite Destinations in Europe

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Independent travel to Europe has gotten so easy that anyone can do it, even us. We travel by airplane, car, boat, train and by camel. We have travelled to Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, the Lakes and the Cinque Terre), Greece, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Morocco, Istanbul and Croatia, Bosnia, Scotland, Portugal, and England to name a few. We started travelling in 1983. We have never taken a tour. We do make more reservations at places now than we did early on but we act as our own travel agent. If we can do it anyone can.
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. John Vittoe and Christine Stupka Vittoe, our backgrounds
- Istanbul, Turkey 2011 -
  Look, no hands. John Vittoe and Christine Stupka Vittoe, our backgrounds
- Morocco 2011 with Bubba and Salli -
If you plan on visiting the Cinque Terre area in Italy. You may want to try the:
La Spiaggia Hotel in Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy.
Click here for information about the La Spiaggia Hotel 	in the 	Cinque Terre, Italy.
The best Gelato in Italy
can be found at
Golosone Gelateria
Yogurteria and Creperia
on Via Roma in
Monterosso al Mare, Italy, in the Cinque Terre area.
Try the local Gelato at Golosone on Via Roma in Monterosso
Our travel tips. (Updated April 2017)    Tips for Driving in Europe.
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Some Travel Tips and our Travel Philosophy

Tips for Driving in Europe.

Mallorca 2011, Turkey, Malaga, and Morocco

Some Panoramic photos of Spain and Mallorca

Some photos of a visit to Mallorca by my friend Andrea

2018 Trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Mostar, Bosnia

One bothersome thing about all the information on the Internet is the accuracy. We have found that people can travel and have a really great time at a place and another couple can go to the same place and not enjoy it at all. So take anything we say with a grain of salt. The place may have been excellent for us and not so good for you. Generally we don't say many bad things about a specific place. If we have a so-so time, we just don't go back. Too many people have a bad experience and then write a bad post or review to get even. Sometimes I think the bad experience is their own fault. One time I saw a hotel owner spend almost an hour trying to get a single woman a room in another town where there was a festival. Then, the next day the woman was waiting in front of the hotel for a man who she had paid to take her luggage to the train station. The man never showed up. The hotel owner told one of his employees to carry her bags to the train station. We talked to her at the train station and she couldn't say enough bad things about the hotel owner. Go figure?

Another thing I hate is the search engines. You search for a hotel in a city and the first 10-20 "finds" are from companies that have no relationship to your search. They are automatically generated pages that try to sell you something. Some of the so called travel help sites are just trying to "harvest" your email. Some others allow people to post anonymous "reviews" which are just places for people to flame an establishment. A good example of this is Tripadvisor where they accept anonymous "reviews". Come on, if you write a review, sign it. We don't have a lot of recommended places on these pages. We do sometimes tell where we stay and what we did or what happened and we never want your email. If we really like a place we may say nice things about it. Remember, your visit and your expectations may be different.

We go to several international places every year now that we are retired but I no longer write about them all. Some places we want to go back to and not meet people who have read about our favorite locations on our website. Sometimes you have to go it alone.

Click here some class photos from St.Turibius Catholic Grammar School in Chicago, Illinois. Years 1953-1961.