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On the left you see a Christmas Card made by an 8 year old English girl living on a Vineyard in Tuscany. Her name is Chiara and she has grown up now but the card is an excellent example of what San Gimignano looks like even today. We went to Italy, all four of us (Chris, Mandi, Brian, and me), to live on a vineyard near San Gimignano over the Christmas and New Year Holidays in 2002. Christine and I stayed 3 weeks and our daughter and son-in-law came and stayed 10 days. The vineyard does bed and breakfast so we had plenty of rooms. There were no "paying guests". We were fortunate that we had several friends from the USA, Germany and New Zealand that were able to stay with us sometime during those 3 weeks. We were house sitting or more accurately, dog and cat sitting so the owners could go on holiday. We've stayed here before as guests but have never stayed here with the keys to the wine cellar.

Here are some photos we took during the three weeks, some are panoramic (+++) photos which will open in a new window:

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