Our Favorite Destinations in Europe
We actually took trips to England in November of 1999 and again in 2000. This was before I had purchased my digital camera and we did not take a lot of photos. One year we traveled for a few days with our friends Jerry and Kathryn up to Lincoln, Norwich and Cambridge. That year it rained a lot so we took fewer photos and they were dark. One night in a restaurant in Cambridge the waitress asked if we were staying in town overnight? We said yes, why? She told us the Queen was going to make a "walk about" down the street the next day as she was in town to dedicate something at Christ College. The next day we were out there; we waited for about an hour in the rain and soon she appeared with Prince Philip. There were a lot of children waiting for her with flags. At one point, before she arrived, they collected all the little flags because they were afraid some child would poke the Queen. A few moments later, they passed them out again. We were impressed that the Queen carried her own umbrella. It was exciting to see them. There are several photos of the Queen and Prince Philip on the next page.

Christine and I both went to the West Country and there are also photos of us visiting Ian and Nina in Exeter, we met them in Ireland and they took us down to the coast for a nice meal and then back to their house for coffee. The other year we visited Geoff and Esme in Sidmouth, they used to own a few B&Bs we stayed at over the years.

Other than the photos on next page there were not many photos worth showing.